Shooting in an urban location

One of the fun things about your photoshoot, is deciding on a location. While there are tons of amazing, gorgeous locations in the Dallas area, I think of them as two categories: nature or urban.

Urban is anything with a city background: buildings, graffiti walls, streets, and while there can certainly be trees and flowers, the majority of the background is not greenery. Urban can be clean and classy, bright and active or bold and funky -there is lots of variety.

Some of my favorite urban locations include: Dallas Arts District, Dallas Museum of Art, Deep Ellum, Fair Park, Bishop Arts, Trinity Groves/ Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, Neiman Marcus/Otto’s/Joule, Uptown, the Crescent, Uptown, West Village, Knox Henderson, Lower Greenville, downtown McKinney, and of course, a couple of amazing parking garages.

Urban is always great if you are really dressing up or wearing something dramatic.