Getting ready for your Senior Photo Shoot with Connie!

how to have the best senior photo session! Connie Roper Seniors

how to have the best senior photo session! Connie Roper Seniors

I have photographed hundreds of senior girls over the last 8 years.   During that time, I have learned what works and what makes for a fabulous session with images that my client will be excited about – and now I can pass that information on to you.

For the best results from your senior session, take some time to think about your outfits and putting together some ensembles that you love and that will also photograph well.  You can’t just go to your closet and pick your four favorite outfits.

You need to read the following information and my WHAT TO WEAR GUIDE before you start planning your clothing options.

These guidelines are meant to give you the best possible photo session with the least amount of stress!

Make up:  I require professional make up application, as photography makeup is different from everyday makeup or even prom make up. Each lady featured on my website has received professional makeup by one of my makeup artists.   I have two make up artists I regularly use and their fees are separate from the session fee.  They are two of the best senior stylists in the city and you can see their work on my BLOG or Connie Roper Photography FACEBOOK page (as well as their own websites):  AUTUMN COOPER ARTISTRY and KATIE LEWIS MAKEUP ARTIST.   They offer two packages for your senior photo shoot experience:   1)Simple Starlet – style your hair and makeup one time before we start the session or   2) Style Me Up - staying the full session and change your hair and makeup for each look, as well as coordinate your clothing(the most popular option).  They will send you more details.

Hair:  If your hair is long, I suggest putting a bit of wave or bend in it.  Perfectly straight hair can photograph flat, plus changing clothing and the Texas heat and humidity can make that even worse.  If you opt for the Style Me Up package, my stylists will work with your hair to keep it looking picture perfect for the full session. Changing your hair during the session keeps the images looking fresh and fun –  a braid, a hair accessory, messy bun, side ponytail – anything that switches the look is good or even adding a hat.  Make hair appointments within a month of your session, so it is at it’s best.

Grooming:  These are little things that can become big noticeable things in a photo.  Eyebrows should be groomed at least 4 days before the session.  A manicure with nude, light colors or natural polish is recommended. NO chipping nail polish.

I love bright colors on nails, but really bright colors on your nails can distract. If you color or highlight your hair, make sure there are no obvious roots (no, I can’t Photoshop them out).  Your hair will look its best when it has been recently trimmed. Underarms and legs should be hair-free.

Clothing:  I recommend having 4 clothing changes, max.  Usually it breaks down like this: jeans/shorts with tops; dressy shorts or skirt with tops; nice dress and/or long dress, either formal or maxi.

When choosing clothing consider 3 things:

Color:   Choose colors that pop against your hair and skin coloring. For example, if you have really long dark hair, avoid navy, black, brown, etc.  I’m not a big fan of a lot of black or white, unless you are wearing it with a bright color or layering it under something.Try to bring an array of colors (not all blue).  Also, the location you want is important to the colors. If you are set on shooting at a park, you need colors that will contrast against a green background – pink, coral, white, yellow – no green or blue.

Layering:    The more layering and textures in your clothing, the more appealing the images will be. Jackets, cardigans and open shirts over t’s are a good look plus they can be used to pose you more naturally. If you are layering, be sure at least one piece is a color, not a neutral. Be aware of shape – your clothing should show your shape – not meaning it should be tight, but I want to be able to define your waist in whatever you wear.

The most flattering clothing for photography will be more fitted and give shape to your body. It will define your waist and arms. Avoid big, flowing tops that don’t define your shoulders and arms.  If there is a body part you don’t like (mine is my arms), then cover it. If you don’t like your legs for whatever reason, then wear pants, jeans, long skirts and dresses.  Not crazy about your arms, then wear long sleeves, jackets or cardigans – not sleeveless or strapless.  For jeans, blue denim jeans will always photograph more flattering than white jeans – let me make that easier – don’t wear white jeans. Trust me on this one.

Regardless of your height and size, your clothing needs to show your body shape – there is a great section on this in the WHAT TO WEAR GUIDE.

Other considerations:

Accessories: Scarves, Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, shoes, hats, or purses are fun.  Have 2-3 accessories for each outfit for a great look.  Check my PINTEREST board for ideas.  Purses can really be fun as it gives a natural feel to your photo if you are doing an urban setting.  Bring your sunglasses as I sometimes like to use them. If you aren’t really an accessories gal, don’t worry about it.

Shoes: Colorful trendy shoes and boots are always fun. If you have a great dress/outfit, but no shoes for it, no problem, we just won’t shoot it full length – shoes won’t matter.

Some tips:

It is always good to have something to hold: a purse, favorite book, glasses, sonic cup (if you love sonic).  Feel free to bring your favorite candy or let me know one of your favorite spots – maybe we can incorporate it into your shoot.

Strapless dresses are not recommended, especially if the top is held up by elastic that tends to pinch the skin.

Tight sweaters or snug t-shirts are not recommended. Avoid anything low cut.

Undergarments should not show. Meaning, wear nude undergarmentsand make sure no straps are visible with each outfit.  If your outfit has exposed undergarments, I may not photograph it.

When we meet at the studio, I’ll go thru your outfits and choose the order based on our location.

OK, so don’t panic and feel as if you have to do any major shopping.  Just take some time to put some outfits together and if you have questions, send me some pics or invite your best friend over for help.  If you are really just a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal, that’s great, just bring lots of jeans and t-shirts that you love.

Better yet, If you are opting for the Style Me Up package, Katie or Autumn will work with you on your clothing.

I want your session to be FRESH, BRIGHT AND YOU!

Bring clothing and outfits that you love.

Bring clothing that you love.  You won’t love the image if you don’t like what you are wearing.