Why a stylist makes all the difference.

It may seem vain, expensive, or overindulgent to hire an stylist for a photoshoot. But honestly, it makes all the difference in the world to have a professional guiding your complete look for the shoot.  It's that something extra that takes your session from great to WOW.  I offer one of the best senior stylists in Dallas for my clients, Katie Lewis But don't take my word for it.

Check out the feedback from this mom of a recent senior gal.

1. What made you decide to hire your stylist to stay for your entire senior shoot?

We decided to hire Stylist Katie Lewis to stay for the entire senior photo shoot because we liked the possibility of trying several hair styles in the photos. My daughter has baby fine hair, and we just knew she would need a touch up of some kind after taking photos in the hot sun or wind. We also thought she would benefit from having someone (other than her non-glamorous mom) reapply makeup if needed. 


2. How did this help?

Actually, Katie ended up putting Caroline's hair in four completely different hair styles, which really complimented the different styles of clothing she wore. Katie also changed Caroline's lip color and touched up her makeup during the shoot, and it definitely helped make each of the different shots look like they were fresh and the first stop on our day of photography. Katie also had a discerning eye, and would watch out to make sure that Caroline's clothing, jewelry, hair and makeup all looked perfect in the photos. 


3. What did you expect and did Katie fulfill these expectations?

Katie really exceeded our expectations. First of all, the makeup was perfect for the photography session. Caroline had taken photos before with a very good artistic photographer, but comparatively, the makeup in these photos made Caroline look polished and pretty. Katie took Caroline's clothing choices and re-configured them in a way that we would have never imagined ourselves. Katie is fun and cute, and has a keen eye for combining colors and styles that look updated and very cute in the photo. The great thing about Katie is that my daughter trusted her choices right away, which gave her great confidence in the process.


4. Would you recommend the full styling package to others?

I certainly would. The added expense was value added in the final product. Caroline's makeup and hair styles in the photos look really beautiful. Caroline felt pretty and confident because of Katie's professional styling advice.  We are thrilled with the senior photos!